Social Studies 8


Week of December 9

  • Cities Neighborhoods defined by Status (Poor, Middle, & Wealthy), Effects of Rapid Urbanization Essay with a partner  pp. 594-595 *Test on 12/17
  • pp. 218-219 Worksheet-An Age of Cities
  • Review worksheet p. 219, A Trip Through the Tenement Museum in NYC
  • Define terms in black pp. 591-596 for review
  • Bonus Review for test on Monday-New Wave of Immigrants & Urbanization

Week of December 2

  • Advent Prayer Service
  • Intro to A New Wave of Immigrants p. 584 with worksheet pp 216-217
  • A Challenging Journey, Ellis Island, Angel Island, The Immigrant Experience in USA, New Immigrants, and Acculturation
  • Nativist Opposition, Chinese Exclusion Act, President G. Cleveland, video on Chinese Ex. Act
  • Ellis Island video
  • Intro notes on Urbanization p. 591, Cities Expand Rapidly and Migration p. 592 Identify Chart on The Growth of Cities 1850-1920 p. 596 #1 Assessment Question

Week of November 25

  • Worksheet on New Inventions-make sure you have all your notes for Monday
  • Per. 5 on Tuesday will finish Henry Ford and the Men Who Built America
  • Happy Thanksgiving!

Week of November 18

  •  Parent Teacher Conference on Friday
  •  Labor Movement work due on Nov 22 Triangle Fire reading on p. 569 with video
  • New Technologies Patents, Transatlantic, Bell Telephone, & Edison pp. 572-575
  • Everyday Technology (Refrigeration, Typewriter, Kodak Camera, African Amer. Inventors, Ford and the Auto, & Wright Brothers
  • Ford-Men Who Built America with Wright Brothers
  • Half day for conferences/ Geo Bee Championship

Week of November 11

  • Happy Veteran's Day!
  • Report Cards go home on Friday
  • Worksheet on Industry & Corporation pp557-560, complete in class for grade
  • Rockefeller & The Oil Industry and The Debate Over Trusts  pp. 562-563 reading and define the following terms in complete sentences: Trust, Monopoly, Capitalism, Scarcity, Sherman Anti-Trust Act 
  • The Men Who Built America

Week of November 4

  • No school Tuesday!
  • Quiz Quiz Trade
  • Review worksheet for Test on Friday
  • Wednesday, Lockport Shadow Day!
  • Go over worksheet and Bonus Review
  • Test on Friday: Hardship for Native Americans