Social Studies 8


Week of October 14

  • Columbus Day
  • The End of Reconstuction p. 190, video on Literacy, Poll Tax, and Grandfather Clause 
  • *Reconstruction Test on Friday
  • Review Sheets for Test, Fill in the Blank
  • Last Wo/Man Standing Review for Bonus

Week of October 7

  • GEO BEE in class
  • Finish GEO BEE, then the introduction of Early Steps to Reunion 
  • "John Wilkes Booth - The Killing of Lincoln" from Legends & Lies: The Civil War
  • Radical Reconstruction with video on President’s A. Johnson’s Plan for Reconstruction
  • The South Under Reconstruction with video

Week of September 30

  • Election of 1864 smart board notes, video Abraham Lincoln: Second Inaugural Address | Biography  Test Friday Oct 4th.
  • Confederacy Surrenders at Appomattox, video Lee's Surrender at Appomattox from "Legends & Lies: The Civil War" 
  • Review Worksheet for test, fill in the blank.
  • Bonus review in groups for test on Friday
  • End of Civil War Test

Week of September 23

  • Class will be working on their American Civil War Battles Project
  • Ironclads at Hampton Roads on Smart board
  • Emancipation Proclamation worksheet and textbook reading
  • General Grant and General Sherman, Total War to end the war with worksheet and reading.

Week of September 16

  • Review of the 14 Events of Civil War in groups
  • Fill in the blank review on Division & Outbreak of War
  • Bonus Review for Test
  • Test on Thursday, 14 Events that spark the Civil War and Before the CW notes
  • No Easy Victory pp. 174 & 175 worksheets

Week of September 9

  • Finish the 14 Events that sparked the Civil War
  • A Nation Divides p. 168 with Fort Sumter video Test on 9/17 Before the Civil War
  • The Conflict Takes Shape/Resources p 172 with Graphic Organizer p. 173 due Friday 
  • Remembering 9/11
  • Leadership roles of J. Davis, A. Lincoln, and R. Lee pp. 459-460