Social Studies 8


Instructions While Working From Home

  • Please direct your attention to Seesaw (I will post all work here) until further notice. Check email I sent to you on Apr. 19 for instructions.

Week of April 6

Week of March 30

  • During this week, the students will work on Political Cartoons for the Great Depression.  They will learn what a political cartoon is and then create three of their own.  Please see morning email for attached information on this assignment.  *Independent Assignment is due Mar. 30th

Week of March 23

  • Mon: Please email me some facts about the following writers of the 1920’s: Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Lewis, Hughes, & Hurston.
  • Tues, Wed, & Thur: Take Home Test on League of Nations and 1920’s. If you could please take the test and write just your answers on the separate piece of paper with the answers that would be easy and you would only have to send me that page when you email it. Due by 9pm Thursday! *Test will be provided to you in the morning email.
  • Fri: Take notes on The Downside to the 1920’s, Scopes Trial, Red Scare, and Sacco & Vanzetti pp.722-724 with video: and

Week of March 16

Week of March 9

  • No School Friday for students 
  • 5 Week Reports Go home this week
  • Winning The War Poster continued, due Wed at the end of class
  • Present Posters! Wilson & Isolationism pp. 688-689 with worksheet on a FAILED PEACE p. 252

Week of March 2

  • Go over Review guide in class for test on Tuesday (European War & US Enters the War)
  • "Winning The War" Assignment begins on Wednesday

Week of February 24

  • Check out History Channel Mini Series on Washington
  • US Enters The War pp. 672-673, Zimmerman Telegraph, and Russian Rev. p. 674 US DECLARES WAR *Test on Mar 2
  • Zimmerman Telegraph video, worksheet pp. 248-249 From Neutrality to War and Selective Service
  • Review Guide for pages 664-676
  • US ENTRY to WW1 video with Individual terms to review and present to class
  • Bonus Review for test on Monday