Social Studies 8


Week of February 24

  • Check out History Channel Mini Series on Washington, starts Sunday tonight
  • US Enters The War pp. 672-673, Zimmerman Telegraph, and Russian Rev. p. 674 US DECLARES WAR *Test on Mar 2
  • Zimmerman Telegraph video, worksheet pp. 248-249 From Neutrality to War and Selective Service
  • Review Guide for pages 664-676
  • US ENTRY to WW1 video with Individual terms to review and present to class
  • Bonus Review for test on Monday

Week of February 10

  • Field Trip to Underground Railroad on Thursday
  • Map of Europe in 1914 with Alliances Declare War, Trench Warfare p. 668 with video on Life in the Trenches
  • The US Stays Neutral and Propaganda Smart-board notes
  • U-boats Attach and The Lusitania Sinks, start video on the Lusitania
  • From Neutrality to War worksheet p.248

Week of February 3

  • US Involvement in Mexico and Invasion with video
  • Worksheet p. 240 Review War with Spain-Rough Riders, Buffalo Soldiers, and Pershing
  • Bonus Review for Test on Thursday
  • Test: Suffrage, Span-American War, US Foreign Policy from 3 Presidents, Mexico
  • A European War and Causes of WW1, Standing Armies pp. 664-666

Week of January 27

  • Catholic Schools Week-All work subject to change due to scheduling
  • The Span American War reading
  • The Building of the Panama Canal pp.658. Video 
  • The US in Latin America Worksheet p.242 w/ Moral Diplomacy
  • US in Mexico & U.S. invades Mexico

Week of January 20

  • MLK DAY-No School
  • Tues-Wed: Continued group work on Progressive President Interviews
  • Thurs: Progressive President Interviews-PRESENTATIONS
  • Women Win Reform Questions for a grade pp. 232-283

Week of January 13

  • Test on The Rise of Progressivism on Monday!
  • Tues-Fri: Introduction of Interview with a Progressive President (group project)
  • Desales Got Talent forms due January 15th