Social Studies 7


Week of October 14

  • Columbus Day
  • Continue work on Colonial Booklet 
  • Colonial Booklet due Wednesday the 16th with presentations
  • Colonial Society (Society, Art, Literature, and Music)
  • The Enlightenment and Great Awakening in America video with notes (11:36min notes to 6:32)

Week of October 7  

  • Introduce Colonial Booklets with groups
  • Work the rest of the week on Colonial Booklets

Week of September 30

  • Tobacco Crop Helps, continue with p. 28 House of Burgesses, Representative Gov’t , & The Jamestown Colony Grows with Bacon’s Rebellion pp. 65-68 *Test Europeans Land in New World on Friday
  • Assessment questions p. 68 # 1-4 complete and review
  • Fill in the blank review sheet for test on Friday
  • Bonus Review for Test
  • Test European Land in New World 

Week of September 23

  • The Oldest City in America-St. Augustine (video 14:54 min.)  Reading and notes on Atlantic Slave Trade pp. 53-55
  • Reasons for Exploration of North America, Northwest Passage, and Key Explorers in the New World notes pp 57-60
  • The Dutch Establish New Netherlands pp. 60-62
  • Roanoke-The Lost Colony and Jamestown –First Permanent Settlement pp. 62-63
  • Building Jamestown Colony with video THE STORY OF US LIFE IN JAMESTOWN ON HISTORY CHANNEL, identify House of Burgesses, Representative Gov’t p. 28 worksheet with Tobacco Crop Grows

Week of September 16

  • Mon-Wed, Class will work on Columbian Exchange Map, due at the end of class on Wed.
  • Review for Test on First Americans, Age of Exploration, and Columbian Exchange
  • Fri: Test on First Americans, Age of Exploration, and Columbian Exchange

Week of September 9

  • Smartboard notes on Algonquin v. Iroquois with video on Native People of the Woodlands.
  • The Voyages of Columbus pp. 34-37, video on Story of Columbus  
  • Remembering 9/11 
  • An Era of Exploration pp. 22-23 worksheet 
  • THE COLUMBIAN EXCHANGE MAP * Summer reading due Friday!