Social Studies 7


Week of April 6

Week of March 30

  •  During this week, the students will work on Political Cartoons for the War of 1812.  They will learn what a political cartoon is and then create three of their own.  Please see the morning email for the attached information on this assignment.     
  • Please make sure you are following directions from the morning emails!

Week of March 23

  • Mon: Please define the following terms: Tribute, Impressment, Embargo, Embargo Act, Smuggling, & Non-intercourse Act. Use pages 267-269,watch the following video on Burning of USS Philadelphia
  • Tues & Wed: Take Home Test on ADAMS AND JEFFERSON (of course) If you could please take the test and write just your answers on the separate piece of paper with the answers that would be easy and you would only have to send me that page when you email it. Due by 9pm Wednesday!  *Test will be provided to you in the morning email.
  • Thur: What was the Battle of Tippecanoe? P. 272 with video: 
  • Fri: The Causes of the War of 1812 pp. 273-274 with video:

Week of March 16

Week of March 9

  • No School Friday for students 
  • 5 Week Reports Go home this week
  • Mon: Continue working on Flyers for Jefferson & Hamilton, due at the end of class
  • Present Flyers for class (worth points) Begin Review for Test (Washington Presidency & Political Parties Emerge) on Thur. Each student will get a term to review to present in front of class.
  • Bonus Review Game
  • Thur: Test on Washington’s Presidency & Political Parties Emerge

Week of March 2  

  • Political Parties Emerge p. 92 (teacher instruction on differences of parties)
  • The Difference between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson with video Who is A. Hamilton?
  • Flyer Assignment on Hamilton & Jefferson

Week of February 24

  • Check out History Channel Mini Series on Washington
  • G. Washington Presidency Introduction p.234, Washington’s cabinet, Setting up the Courts, & National Debt p. 88  Also, the First National Bank
  • Whiskey Rebellion, French Rev (American example), reading p.240
  • Creating a Foreign Policy pp. 90-91, video on GW as a president and his Farewell Address
  • Political Parties Emerge pp. 92, on the back chart the differences of the two (Basic of Economy, FED v. STATE, Interpreting the Constitution, & For. Policy)
  • Jefferson v. Hamilton-differing views with video (Who is AH?)

Week of February 10

  • Review sheet for Constitutional terms
  • Quiz Quiz Trade Review
  • Bonus Group Review
  • Thur: Test on Understanding the Constitution
  • Rights & Responsibilities of Citizens worksheet pp.84 & 85