Social Studies 7


Week of February 24

  • Check out History Channel Mini Series on Washington, starts Sunday tonight
  • G. Washington Presidency Introduction p.234, Washington’s cabinet, Setting up the Courts, & National Debt p. 88  Also, the First National Bank
  • Whiskey Rebellion, French Rev (American example), reading p.240
  • Creating a Foreign Policy pp. 90-91, video on GW as a president and his Farewell Address
  • Political Parties Emerge pp. 92, on the back chart the differences of the two (Basic of Economy, FED v. STATE, Interpreting the Constitution, & For. Policy)
  • Jefferson v. Hamilton-differing views with video (Who is AH?)

Week of February 10

  • Review sheet for Constitutional terms
  • Quiz Quiz Trade Review
  • Bonus Group Review
  • Thur: Test on Understanding the Constitution
  • Rights & Responsibilities of Citizens worksheet pp.84 & 85

Week of February 3

  • Seven Basic Principles of the Constitution, Separation of Powers, and video on the "3 Ring Government"
  • Art Field Trip
  • Elastic Clause and Electoral College
  • Important Terms for Understanding the Constitution
  • Changing the Constitution and What the Guarantee worksheet

Week of January 27

  • Catholic Schools Week-All work subject to change due to scheduling
  • Review questions for test TRUE & FALSE
  • Bonus review for Test on Wed. Drafting The Constitution, Feds v Anti Feds, Bill of Rights
  • Understanding the constitution pp.203-205
  • Seven Basic Principles of Constitution P 206-207 w/ Separation of Powers

Week of January 20

  • MLK DAY-No School
  • Tues-Thur: Ideas That Influenced the Constitution Assessment (definitions with pictures) Due Friday @ the start of class.  *Test on Drafting a Constitution, Feds, AntiFeds, and Bill of Rights on Jan 29 (subject to change because of Catholic Schools Week)
  • Ratification and the Bill of Rights worksheet p. 72 with The Federalist Papers p.198  HOMEWORK-Feds v. AntiFeds Chart

Week of January 13  

  • Test on Dec. of Independence & Articles of Confederation on MONDAY
  • Drafting a Constitution introduction p. 185 with worksheet p. 68 (Constitutional Convention, VA Plan, NJ Plan, & Great Comp.)
  • The Making of the American Constitution video with worksheet p. 69 The Constitutional Convention
  • Three-Fifths Compromise pp. 188-189 with 5min video and the Convention Comes to a Close
  • Liberty Kids-We The People
  • DESALES GOT TALENT forms due January 15th!