Social Studies 6


Week of October 14

  • Columbus Day
  • Test on Ch. 2, Sec 1-2 The Beginning of Civilizations Oct 17 (Thur)  Smart board notes on The Rise of Civilizations p. 93 with video What is a Civilization? (4:38 min)
  • Review for test on Thur with Review Sheets for Ch. 2 *If time permits we will do a Bonus Review.
  • Test on Ch. 1, Sec 1 & 2
  • GEO BEE for class winners for grade 6

Week of October 7

  •  The City of Uruk
  •  Eight Features of a Civilization Project with a partner if you choose.  Due at    the end of class on Friday.  Class time provided in class all week.

Week of September 30

  • Test on Ch. 1, Sec 1-3 Early People
  • Intro to Ch. 2 Beginning of Civilization, Story of Gilgamesh pp. 79-81 with worksheet
  • Smartboard notes on Ch. 2, Sec 1 Early Agriculture (Key Ideas & Key Terms), read the Birth of Farming pp. 82-84
  • Evolution of Tools p. 84, Costs & Benefits of Farming , New Kinds of Shelter, Catalhoyuk, & Effects of Farming Chart
  • Smartboard notes on Ch. 2, Sec 2 Cities & Civilization (Key Ideas & Key Terms) The City of Uruk

Week of September 23

  • The class will continue work on their Hunter-Gather Poster, due Tuesday! Test on Ch. 1, Sec 1-3 on Monday 9.30.19
  • Ch. 1, Sec 3: Populating the Earth p. 30 worksheet.  Key Ideas included with terms for the section. Smart-board notes on Populating Migrating the Earth in a sequence of times.
  • Assessment questions on Ch. 1 Sec 3.  Class will complete questions and map activity
  • The class will get into groups to answer review questions and present to class. 
  • Bonus Review for Test on Monday.

Week of September 16

  • Monday Test on Social Sciences, Five Themes of Geography, Lat & Long, Core Concepts 1.5 & 1.6
  • Chpt. 1 Early People, the story of Mary Leaky-Exploring the Stone Age with video of Mary Leakey
  • Ch. 1 Section 1- Studying the Distant Past, Key Idea & Key Terms with Fossil Finds in Africa & the “Oldest One”.
  • Ch. 1, Sec 2 Hunter Gathering Societies Key Idea and Key Terms with   Development of Tools & The Use of Fire
  • Hunter-Gather Poster Project

Week of September 9

  • Latitude & Longitude Map Activity then Core Concepts 1.5: Understanding Maps (Key Ideas & Key Terms) Test on 9/16 (Social Sci, Core Concepts 1.4-1.6, and Latitude & Longitude)
  • Core Concepts 1.6 Historical Maps (Key Ideas & Key Terms) 
  • Remembering 9/11 
  • Review Social Science with video An Animated Introduction to Social Science (4:35min) Dr. Nagler’s Lab, Lat & Long.(6:32min) Review Worksheet pp.5-6 
  • Review Game for Test on Monday