Social Studies 6


Week of April 6

  • Last Three Days before Easter break! Happy Easter!
  • End of the Marking Period
  • Mon: Complete Ch. 10, Sec. 2-Greek Society & Economy, Key Terms and Key Ideas (pp. 306-311)
  • Tues: use pp. 306-307 and take notes on WOMEN IN ANCIENT GREECE, also read the notes that I will attach on Tuesday's morning email on ANCIENT GREEK HIERARCHY
  • Wed: Ch. 10, Sec 2 continued...fill in the blank worksheet. See Wednesday's morning email for this worksheet.

Week of March 30

Week of March 23

  • Mon-Wed: Take Home Test on Ch. 9, Sec 1-3 If you could please take the test and write just your answers on the separate piece of paper with the answers that would be easy and you would only have to send me that page when you email it. Due by 9pm Wed. *Test will be in morning email
  • Thur: Intro to Ch. 10 The Ancient Greeks, read story of Pericles pp. 297-299 and answer questions provided on the story *Questions will be in morning email
  • Fri: Ch. 10, Sec1: The Rise of the City States Key Ideas & Key Terms

Week of March 16

  • Mon: Fill in the blank for Rule of the First Emperor worksheet pp.276-277
  • Tues: Ch. 9, Sec 2 EXPANSION UNDER THE HAN DYNASTY  Key Ideas & Key Terms, worksheet provided for terms. Make sure you get your key ideas down pp. 278-281
  • Wed: The Silk Road reading pp. 280-281 with video
  • Thur & Fri: Ch. 9, Sec 3 worksheet on HAN SOCIETY & ACHIEVEMENT.  This will be for a grade
  • Any questions, email me or find me on Twitter:
    Mrs.AsherDesales @asher_mrs
  • Keep an eye out for answers for your work here.

Week of March 9

  • No School Friday for students 
  • 5 Week Reports Go home this week
  • Mon: Ch. 8, Sec 1-3 Test on China
  • Intro to Ch. 9, the Chinese Empire, reading An Emperor in this Life & Next pp. 271-273 with worksheet p. 109
  • Warring States Ends, Unity Under the Qin, First Emperor, Defending the Empire, Standardization, and Organizing an Empire pp. 274-275
  • The Great Wall reading with video

Week of March 2

  • Test March 9 on Ch. 8, Sec 1-3 China
  • Smart board notes on Zhou Dynasty, homework pages 260-261
  • Ch. 8, Sec 3: Key ideas & Key Terms, "Firecracker" with video
  • Worksheet p. 105 Confucianism v. Daoism pp. 265-267 visual
  • Review Questions for test (Assessment pp. 257, 261, & 267)
  • Bonus Review for test

Week of February 24

  • Ch. 8, Sec 1 Settling Along the Huang River, Key Ideas & Key Terms
  • Geography notes smart-board
  • Smart-board notes on Shang Dynasty
  • Ch. 8, Sec 2 China Under Zhou Dynasty
  • Zhou Dynasty smart-board

Week of February 10

  • India Religion Chart due Monday, Group Review Questions on India the present to class
  • Bonus Review for India Test
  • Test on India
  • Intro to Ancient China (Ch. 8), The Story of Wisdom of Zhang Shi-Mother of Mencius pp. 250-253 with worksheet that relates to story
  • Ch. 8, Sec 1 Settling Along The Huang River-Key Ideas & Key Terms pp.254-257